The Local Ecosystem

Estuary Oysters is a team of passionate “ranchers” committed to the resurrection of our coastal community, by re-introducing Oysters, the keystone species (original eco-engineers) back into our estuary. Over 3,000 other species rely on Oysters to survive and thrive. Helping Nature… to save Nature!

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Spring Fed

Estuary Oysters are raised amid North America’s most biologically diverse and necessary estuary. Apalachee Bay is fed by the world’s largest fresh water shed spring, Spring Creek, surrounded by 1,000,000 acres of pristine Federal and State Forests, with four tidal flows each day. Our hatchery spawned oysters grow faster, cleaner and healthier here than anywhere else on Earth.”

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Best Tasting

Estuary Oysters uses the latest industry innovations and government best practices (from hatchery…to harvest…to processing )to ensure the freshest, healthiest and most DELICIOUS oyster in the world…grown right here in Florida… for the future of Florida’s water, tourism and people! Clean, Salty, Sweet, Firm & Delicious!

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